Exact Cutting Service, Inc.
6892 West Snowville Road, Brecksville, Ohio 44141
Phone (440) 546-1319
Fax (440) 546-1322

We can act quickly when your in a bind or we can machine to print on a planned, long term production basis.

We have enough space that we will be happy to hold your material (monthly inventories, of course). We have a small shop attitude towards caring about our work, and the capabilities of a large shop.

Swiss Turning

  • Star Swiss Screw Machine
    6 axis, 1-1/4" dia.
    with Iemca Boss 542 - 12' barfeed

STAR Swiss Screw Machine w/ bar feed

STAR Swiss Screw Machine w/ bar feed

With our dedicated and knowledgeable staff, we can produce your parts correctly and on time. We welcome all inquiries.

Exact Cutting Service, Inc. started in 1974 in Valley View, Ohio. Exact Cutting Service specialized in sawcutting - while our sister company, Experimental Machine, focused on machining.

Today, those two companies are combined and occupy a 20,000 sq. ft. building in Brecksville, Ohio. Our work load consists of typical "Steel Belt" machining and we are on the "I-90 Detroit Run". Our customers are automotive, airline, food service, plastics and transportation.